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Pultrusion is a composite of different materials and reinforcements. As such, the designer is empowered with a freedom of design that enables the selection of reinforcemens, resin, systems, shape and loadings to yield a wide range of performance characteristics.

Any profile can be produced that has mechanica properties comparable to metals. Notwithstanding the composite, matrix can be formulated to meet the most demanding chemical, flame retardant, electrical and environment requirements.

Pultruded profiles are fabricated by 'pultruded process' through a CNC operated pultrusion machine, combining a resin matrix with fibre reinforcement. Continuous fibre reinforcement in roving or mat roving form is drawn through a resin bath, which coats each fibre with a specially formulated resin mixture that can be colour pigmented.

A Protective veil can be added to protect against the effects of weathering. The coated fibres are preformed and then drawn through a heated die. The rate of reaction is controlled by heating and coating zones in the die.


The corrosion resistance of the product is accomplished by the resin. There is always appropriate resin system for each type of environment.

Vinylester Resin is used when a product is exposed to severe chemical condensation and high operating temperatures, upto 85º C.

Isophtalic Resin is used when the product is exposed to splash and spill chemicals and moderate operating temperatures, upto 60º C.

Phenolic resin is used when the product is expected to be exposed to very high temperature, especially in fire situation. In fire tests phenolic gratings demonstrated extremely low conductibility, conducting heat at only 12% rate.


The most widely used reinforcement is Glass fibre in the form of Type 'E' and Continuous Strand Mat. To improve corrosion resistance of composites, Type 'ECR' / 'Advantex' Fibre is used.

Pultrusion Products

  • GRP Gratings
  • GRP Ladders
  • GRP Handrails
  • GRP Roof structure
  • GRP window/door frames
  • GRP Standard structural
  • GRP cable trays etc

Pultrusion Gratings

GRP pultruded grating is stronger than steel yet 1/3 times lighter, non-corrosive and provides a safe, non-skid surface for service personnel. It does not conduct electricity or produce sparks.

GRP grating are designed and used like traditional metal grates but with the inherent benefits of fibreglass. GRP grating is an ideal replacement for steel and aluminium gratings in corrosive environments or anywhere frequent grating and walkway replacement costs are unacceptable.

The various features of GRP Pultruded Gratings, mainly the high mechanical strength, excellent chemical resistance, excellent thermal and electrical insulation, good resistance to fire, non-slip surface and easy to clean, give it an edge over conventional metal gratings. This is why; it is widely used in chemical plants, sewerage disposal plants, electroplating facilities, plant rooms, engine rooms, decks, walkways, stairways, storage area and especially in oil and gas industry.

Basic Information



Panel sizes 6000 mm span (length) x 1900 mm wide, maximum 33 bearing bars
Bearing bars 'I' & 'T' section depths 25.4 mm 38.1 & 50.8mm
Maximum clear span for nominal 5000 N/m2 (maximum deflection 1/200th of span) 965mm for 'I' & 'T' section depth 25.4mm 1468mm for 'I' & 'T' section depth 25.4mm 1900mm for 'I' & 'T' section depth 25.4mm
Tensile Strength (60 - 70% glass content) 660 N/m2 +700 N/m2
Weight/Square meter 12.5 Kg for section 'I' & 'T' 25.4mm (high) 14.5 Kg for section 'I' & 'T' 38.1mm (high) 25.0 Kg for section 'I' & 'T' 50.8mm (high)
Corrosion Resistance Meets all requirements (chemical resistant guide available on request)
Fire Retardancy Meets BS 476: PART 7 : Class 2 - Flame Spread Rating. Class 1 could be met on request

Pultruded Handrails

The handrails are fabricated from

Posts: Tubes 50 x 50 x 4mm

Top rail: Tubes 50 x 50 x 4mm

Middle rail: Tubes 50 x 50 x 4mm or round f 25mm

Toe guard: 100mm wide x 3mm thick

Assembly of handrail parts incorporates two parts mechanically bonded with epoxy resin and S/S pins. Distance between post-to-post is 1500mm maximum.

Pultruded Ladders

Basic Information

  • Extra Co pultruded ladders are rigid, stable, meet the required standard and can be supplied in one piece to the required length.
  • The rails are tube sections.
  • The rungs are round, non-slip and rigid.
  • The brackets are in S/S 316 spaced at 1500mm centre to center.
  • The joints are mechanically connected by S/S bolts, nuts and epoxy mortar.

Composition of GRP Ladders

  • Pultruded Type ladders are commonly used where strength and Chemical Resistance are required. They are fabricated by 'pultruded process' through a CNC operated pultrusion machine.
  • Corrosion resistance is achieved by using proper raw materials (Vinylester Resin and 'C' Surface Veil).
  • Tube: 50 x 50 x 4mm
  • Rungs: Solid Round rods f 32mm
  • Pultruded profiles are composed of 35% Resin/filler to 65% glass fibre.
  • The Profiles shall be conducted of glass roving, continuous strand mat and covered by 'C' surface veil. The veil, along with UV inhibitors, provides a greater corrosion capability for harsh chemical environments and creates a ultra-violet barrier for continuous exposure.
  • Assembly of ladder parts incorporates a two-part mechanically bonding with epoxy and S/S pins.

GRP Roof Structure

Pultruded Roof Structure using a safety factory of four-to-one are designed to support wind load and extreme temperature on the outside while withstanding corrosive environments from the inside. Columns, beams and purlins perform in the building construction the best way. Virtually, maintenance-free and non-conductivity makes the system the ideal choice for construction.

GRP Window / Door frames

Pultrusion moves the non-metal windows/doors to a new range of performance. Fibreglass/Polyester Resin Pultrusion form frame and parts, components and spacer bars in a new generation of thermally efficient, dimensionally stable window frames.

GRP Standard Structural

From small rod and flat sheet to angles, tubes, pipes and huge 'I' beams, pultruded structurals are available with no limitation. With strength that allows substitution for steel structurals, fill the demand for all types of fabricated building structures in most industries.

GRP Cable trays

The Pultruded lay-in wireway system is designed to provide easy installation of any power, communication or control system. Cable trays and non-conductive components of DBs make pultrusion a step ahead for classical materials used till now.

The Bearing Bars

Products by Using Contact Moulds

Moulded Grating

Extra co moulded fibreglass grating is a strong, highly reliable mesh grating panel which allows efficient on site cutting to minimize grating waste. It is the chemical resistant flooring choice for many Industrial applications. Load bearing bars in both directions allow for use without continuous side support. A higher safety factor is achieved by designing in higher glass content at the bottom of the grating for greater tensile strength.

GRP moulded grating is engineered to provide maximum corrosion resistance in tough conditions such as chemical plants, sewerage treatment plants, etc.

  • Thickness available is 1", 1½" and 2"
  • Maximum size as one piece is 1200mm x 3500mm
  • Open and closed top (checkered plate)

Load deflection data

Comparison schedule between Moulded & Pultruded grating




Corrosion Resistance






Impact Resistance



Open area for drainage, aeration



One direction span



Bi-direction span



Light weight in comparison to steel



Custom panel size available



Ease of layout and installation



The higher glass to resin ratio of pultruded grating results in sections with higher structural properties than moulded sections of similar depth and weight because of longer span capability, support structures can be reduced, resulting in lower total cost when using pultruded grating instead of moulded.

The corrosion resistance of pultruded grating is considered to be outstanding and far superior to galvanised steel, aluminium or stainless steel, although it is less than moulded grating. Moulded grating is engineered to provided maximum corrosion resistance in tough conditions such as chemical plants, etc.

Moulded Ladders

Extra co standard width of moulded ladders is 300mm, 400mm & 500mm wide. Maximum length of one ladder is 5000mm

  • Step rung 250mm and 300mm c/c
  • Maximum length of one ladder is 5000mm

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