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  • GRP Chemical Tanks/Scrubbers/Degassifiers
  • GRP Cylindrical Fuel Storage Tanks
  • GRP Cylindrical Water Storage Tanks - Filament Wound
  • GRP 'V' shaped Water Tanks
  • GRP Cylindrical Water Storage Tanks - Hand lay-up
  • GRP Special Tanks
  • GRP Septic and Soakaway Tanks

We at Extra Co are specialized in making GRP Chemical tanks GRP Fuel tanks GRP Scrubbers, Degassifiers and other special customer oriented industrial products.

Extra Co tanks are maintenance free Extra Co tanks are widely approved by most of the Consultants, Government Departments, Authorities, Municipalities and Ministries within most of the countries.

GRP Chemical Tanks/Scrubbers/Degassifiers etc

GRP Vertical Vessels/Tanks

Our tanks are used for aboveground applications for storage of chemicals such as HCL, NaOCl, NaOH, Cl2, H2SO4, etc., at different temperatures and concentrations.

We supply different kinds of tanks with

  • Conical bottom with steel legs
  • Flanged top
  • Flat top / Flat bottom
  • Dome top / Dome bottom

Standard features of the tanks

  • Vertically cylindrical, single skin
  • GRP flanged nozzles, PN 16 FF
  • Dia 600mm – Manhole on top with cover + nuts, bolts & washers.
  • MS – GRP laminated lifting hooks
  • GRP hold down brackets.
  • UV Resistant
  • SS 316 name plate
  • Shell by filament winding process


  • GRP / GI ladder & safety cage
  • GRP platform / gratings
  • Level Indicators
  • SS accessories
  • Insulation, etc

GRP Cylindrical Fuel Storage Tanks - Filament Wound

Extra Co is UL approved for Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) Fuel Tanks both single and double walled. The inner walls, outer walls and the specifically designed ribs of Double wall GRP tanks act together to form a structural system.

The features of Double wall tanks for Environmental safety are: -

  • Double wall construction means high strength
  • The tanks do not rust.
  • Secondary containment provides complete long-term protection for petroleum products and for ground against pollution.
  • These tanks are available with dry and wet monitoring of the annular space and will detect leaks in inner and outer walls under all conditions.
  • Available with exclusive hydrostatic monitoring system.

Standard features of Extra Co fuel tanks are: -

  • (1 No.) Manway cover / with lifting hook / with internal extended pipes.
  • Cadmium plated hardware.
  • NPT socket connections.
  • Dipstick assembly 25mm square-non calibrated.
  • Manway cover will be sand-blasted and CTE coated.
  • Access shaft 1200mm x 1500mm max. height (Fitted to shaft at factory).

GRP Cylindrical Water Storage Tanks - Filament Wound

Extra co GRP cylindrical (filament wound) tanks can be used for underground or aboveground purpose and are designed to be assembled at factory.

The tank construction is as follows:

  • Shell: The Shell is produced by Filament Winding process
  • Tank ribs: The tanks construction shall include stiffener ribs to provide sufficient stiffness and rigidity to the tank. The rib forms shall be moulded GRP mechanically laminated over by machine to the tank shell.
  • End caps: The end caps are fabricated by hand lay-up application. Resin moulded or sprayed on precision-made steel moulds.
  • Assembly: The shell and end caps are then joined together by alternate layers of CSM and woven roving impregnated with resin.

GRP 'V' shaped water tanks

GRP 'V' shaped tanks are suitable for storage of potable water, they are manufactured by Hand layup process. Our standard mould sizes of these tanks are as below:-

( US gallons )
A ( mm ) B ( mm ) C ( mm ) D ( mm ) E ( mm )
100 860 860 570 750 750
150 950 950 700 840 840
200 950 950 940 750 750
300 1160 960 1100 950 750
400 1480 1480 1000 1250 1250
500 1450 1450 1320 1250 1250
600 1600 1600 1200 1340 1340
650 1630 1630 1400 1350 1350

GRP Cylindrical water storage tanks - Hand lay up

Extra co GRP cylindrical tanks can be used for underground or aboveground purpose and are designed to be assembled at factory. Insulated tanks can be manufactured. These tanks are manufactured by hand lay up process on open moulds. These tanks are produced in two halves and then joined together by means of nuts and bolts.

GRP Special Tanks (custom made to suit the requirement)

Through our extensive knowledge and experience in GRP, we take up challenging projects and contribute in supplying such special and unique products.

GRP Septic & Soakaway tanks

GRP cylindrical septic tank underground, horizontal, as per Extra co standard and mould dimensions.

Note :

Max. buried depth : 1m from top of the tank
Max. live load : 250 kg/m2

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